X-Closures: Design Against Extinction

Program Application

Summer 2019
Brooklyn, New York

July 8 to Aug 2, 2019


For tuition rate and discounts, please contact us at onelabprogram@gmail.com or call (646) 415-0102.

Early Bird Deadline: June 7, 2019 (Get a $250 discount)

Registration closes on June 28, 2019 (Full tuition)


Students enrolling in ONE Lab must own a laptop loaded with working versions of Photoshop, AutoCAD and Rhino. (For students who need to know more about these software programs a dedicated TA will be provided for in-studio tutorials.) Both graduate and undergraduate students of art, architecture, industrial design and engineering are encouraged to apply. After finishing their term students will be granted a certificate of completion and will have full ownership of the work they produce. (No grades will be issued for the term.)

During the course students will be required to visit and document a specific site in New York City. For safety reasons this should be done in groups. On these visits, students are asked to respect their peers and conduct themselves in a polite and professional manner. Engaging in the following activities will result in suspension from the studio without a tuition refund: smoking in the building, possession of illegal substances, the use of toxic materials in non‐designated areas, horseplay in the Navy Yard, sexual harassment of colleagues, and violation of shop safety regulations. Also, students must remove all of their belongings from the studio at the end of each term.