X-Closures: Design Against Extinction

Research Focus

Our professional and academic research strives to push the limits of contemporary design and technology.   We have a proven record that places an emphasis on results.  The ONE Lab developed its physical spaces based on the needs of interdisciplinary workshops and improvised studio areas.  This rarefied mixture of different knowledge sets in close proximity formulated a unique alliance.  Its shared values are evoked in dialogues between discipline groups in order to solve problems. At this juncture, freely organized teams produce solutions that can span multiple fields of expertise. 

In order to evolve, 1L launched a formal pedagogical endeavor.  ONE Lab began this specialized education program in 2009.  It was open to scholars from a consortium of renowned scientific and design colleges. A curriculum was developed in collaboration with external faculty and advanced students from an assembly of concentrations. The ONE Lab program provided a technological skills component in a DIY format as a supplement to traditional studies. The courses were initially organized around a rigorous sequence in the technology of urban agriculture.  Intensive tutorials were taught by our instructors and a host of outside lecturers.  Thirty students from various schools; MIT, Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, NYU, and Pratt, participated in the first academic program, rising to forty students in one year. We are now pursuing a larger venture to expand our research and didactic imperatives.