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Peter Raymond
Human Condition
Peter Raymond is Founder and President and Chief Innovator at Human Condition an innovation, R&D, think and do tank. Human Condition's expertise in innovation strategy, communications, R&D brand, design, emerging technologies, behavioral phycology and human factors uniquely qualifies them to develop truly innovative concepts, products and experiences that solve modern business challenges. They also develop unique immersive multi-sensory simulations and experiences for the healthcare, military, educational and entertainment industries. Human Condition maintains an advanced R&D Lab that develops emerging technologies and validates their use in application. In 2010 the City of New York awarded and certified Human Condition as an emerging biotech company for it's work in biometric sensor interfacing and advanced clinical simulation.

In the Spring of 2010 Raymond formed Equisense, Inc., with the purpose to redefine global Olympic athletic training systems and therapeutic physical rehabilitation. In August of 2010 he formed ÜBERANGST the worlds first App Agency, a firm that combines the quaility of high-end commercial media production with game theory, story telling and packaging for online and mobile devices.
Raymond has also founded Clinics Rising, a nonprofit media venture aimed at raising awareness and telling the unheard stories of the tremendous challenges in advancing global health care. The current stories being told are unfolding in Rwanda and Sudan.



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