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"Design & Biology: A Unified Laboratory"... offers
workshops on synthetic biology, biomimetic urban
planning, parametric scripting and the use of
organisms to grow structures. This cooperative, a
burgeoning Bio-Bauhaus of sorts, intends to unify
several approaches and goals, leveraging expertise
from staff at several organizations focused on
education and ecology, including Terreform ONE,
Genspace, the MIT Media Lab, Columbia University
and the Yale School of Forestry. Although relatively
young, the pioneering program fosters
collaborations between design and the life sciences
and promises to incubate the type of unorthodox
approaches and innovations urgently needed in the
age of climate crisis and natural resource scarcity.
The program also offers a new entry point for
non-specialists to contribute to scientific research
and experiment with new, ecological design
strategies and creates opportunities for design
practice to expand into previously uncharted realms."


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ONE Imagines A Zero-Impact New York 100 Years
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"...Nowadays, this industry requires high tech equipment, which can be too expensive for small manufacturing
firms to afford on their own. So working with Council Member Letitia James, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and a local
company called
Macro Sea, we are going to build a state-of-the-art shared manufacturing center. It will provide
equipment, studios and office space for 200 professionals and students.... Our center will be a hub for industry
training and innovation, and help dozens of new businesses get off the ground."
Christine C. Quinn State of the City Address, February 9, 2012, New York.
Organized by:
ONE Lab Students
"Maria + Mitch,
Just a quick note to express my gratitude for such
a wonderful first week at ONE Lab.  I am so happy
I decided to do this!  The curation of speakers has
been exemplary, the pace ... a luscious, juicy ripe
biosphere of masterful technique and at times,
staggering beauty.  The thrill of absorbing as
many impressions as possible while the ink is
still steaming on the page.  Having taught myself,
I am keenly aware of what it takes to pull together
an entire week's worth of talks (and that assumes
academic support & resources), and I am really
just blown away at what you've put together for us.  
While my first visit to the MEx to see what was
occurring inside its walls was certainly eye
opening, becoming part of it for even a few weeks
is really intoxicating....
Jennifer Wolfe"
"Dear Maria,
I just wanted to thank you so much for letting me
be a part of Terrefarm. The workshop turned out to
be such an amazing experience and very different
than I imagined. I never imagined that there was
this innovative prototype aspect of the project, and
I think that there are very few people that are doing
this type of work. For you to take the time to create
a workshop of young designers is so valuable,
and I truly feel lucky to have been given the
opportunity to contribute. With great respect for
your work and hope that I will be able to contribute
to it again in the future. ....
Monica Hernandez"
New Lab under construction at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
"...Macro Sea  and its partners are building the lab with state-of-the-art green technologies, and are bringing
fabrication and design schools into the fold. Everyone will work in a collaborative work environment, where
tenants will share equipment and space. Tenants already on board include the Brooklyn-based ecological
design group Terreform ONE, the London-based design manufacturer Within Lab, Rensselaer Polytechnic
Institute's School of Architecture and Center for Architecture Science and Ecology and Columbia University's
Laboratory of Applied Building Science."
ONE Lab's new home at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
"...The loftlike space, known as New Lab, is to be unveiled by local and state officials on Thursday. It is a
precursor to a much bigger manufacturing cooperative scheduled to open in about 18 months in a
neighboring building.

The idea driving the project was to bring together a variety of creative people and have them share equipment,
like laser cutters and three-dimensional printers, that would be too costly for them to rent or buy on their own.
David Belt, the developer of New Lab, said he hoped to do for manufacturers what the M.I.T. Media Lab in
Cambridge, Mass., had done for technology researchers..."
NY Times, May 8, 2013